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Free - Live @ Joe's Pub


Year of production: 2008

Running Time: 3:28 min


A quick live version of a song from my sold out album release party at Joe's Pub.  You can find the album on iTunes (search James Snyder).

Old River Road - Live in Studio


Year of production: 2013

Running Time: 2:20 min


This is my favorite song I've written, filmed by guitarist Fernando Perdomo.  Old River Road.  Soon to be out on an EP.  Gotta get back in the studio!  

Google commercial I did

Great story here. . . my wife was due with our baby the day I booked this and we decided to take a chance because money is a good thing.  The next day while I was filming (which was my birthday) her water broke. . . we were in Salt Lake City.  We shot til six and I made it back by 11pm.  The baby was born 26 hours later.  Seemed like a close call, but I made it!!!

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My Channel

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James Snyder - The Good Wife

James Snyder - The Good Wife

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